TransCanna Holdings

(stock symbol: TCNAF)

Successful Investing is about timing, for TransCanna we are executing on our business plan and adding value.

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Perfectly Positioned to Supply Cannabis to the $3.7 BILLION California Market, TCNAF Could be THE Cannabis Stock of 2019

Marijuana stocks are the stock market success story of the decade.

Many of the big cap companies came from humble beginnings, TransCanna has a very specific strategy much like the bigger companies, and is now rolling out its business.

Today, the big players in the cannabis industry are worth billions. But the real opportunities are in small cap stocks that still have room to grow.

It’s All Thanks to the “Tidal Wave” of Marijuana Legalization That’s Been Sweeping the Globe and Creating Brand-New Business Opportunities

Marijuana legalization is a massive global MEGATREND that promises to shake up the business world like no other trend.

  • Right now, there are 40 countries where medical cannabis is legal.
  • And the number is growing by the day.
  • In Canada, recreational pot was recently legalized.
  • And it’s been legal for years in several U.S. states.
  • With every country or state that legalizes cannabis, a whole new market opens up.
  • Small cannabis companies that get in early stand to reap the rewards.

Today’s “Penny” Cannabis Stock Could Be Tomorrow’s Large Cap Superstar

If there’s a rule for successful trading, it’s this:

get in early

  • Ask anyone who bought Bitcoin when it was 10 cents.
  • Or anybody who bought Canopy Growth Corp during its IPO.
  • The profits are to be had BEFORE everybody knows about it.
  • Today, many of the bigger cannabis stocks are already heading toward large cap status.
  • After reaching a market cap of $14 billion, Canopy was added to an index of the largest 60 stocks in Canada.
  • For these big cap cannabis stocks, the best returns are in the past.
  • But for the smaller players, things are just getting started

One of the most promising ones recently acquired 190,000 square feet of production space in the heart of California’s “Marijuana County.”

TransCanna Holdings

(stock symbol: TCNAF)

The California Cannabis Producer That Could Corner One of the World's Biggest Cannabis Markets

TransCanna is an upstart cannabis company that went public in early 2019.

  • Based in California, it has access to one of the biggest legal cannabis markets in the world.
  • California was an early pioneer in medical cannabis.
  • In 1996, voters passed proposition 215, which let doctors prescribe marijuana to patients.
  • Then, 20 years later, proposition 64 passed, making recreational cannabis sales legal in the state.
  • Today, business is booming:
  • In 2018, the state saw more than $3.7 billion in legal cannabis sales.
  • And that’s expected to grow to over $5.2 billion in 2020.
  • That makes California one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world.

And TransCanna Has The Geographic Expertise to Serve This Market Properly

The thing investors need to know about California is this:

  • Although it’s a legal cannabis state, it’s also one of the most most regulated cannabis markets in the world.
  • Under California law, you need to be licensed by local agencies to grow, sell or transport marijuana.
  • So to really move cannabis in volume within the state, you need on-the-ground experience local shipping, production and selling regulations.

    The problem for most cannabis producers is this:
  • Being based outside the state, they’re missing the real geographic presence to truly thrive in California.
  • Most of them are based in Canada, which has a completely different regulatory structure.

This is where TransCanna Holdings comes into the picture.

  • A “born and bred” California company, it’s already there on the ground floor.
  • Not only does it have convenient access to the state’s biggest markets…
  • …It also has ground-level experience navigating California’s tough regulatory environment

the possible result?

The ability to move cannabis faster than any other company in the massive California market.

How TransCanna Holdings is Changing the Game in Cannabis and Hoping to Create  Shareholder Value

The marijuana industry is growing like wildfire!

  • In 2018, after legalization hit California, 4,085 cannabis licenses were granted.
  • Since then, the number has only grown. This has made marijuana an extremely competitive industry. In industries like this one, you need something special to stand out.
  • And TransCanna Holdings has perfected its secret sauce. With its base of operations in California, it benefits from an “ultra local” approach that lets it ship cannabis more cost efficiently than its competitors.
  • The company’s facilities are just a short drive away from key markets like Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • The end result could be the company capturing massive market share in California… And potentially billions of dollars in the process.

TransCanna Holdings

(stock symbol: TCNAF)

TransCanna is Already Generating Great Sales

Since its founding, TransCanna Holdings has been diligently buying up companies and assets.


  • In 2019, TransCanna Holdings paid cash and stock to acquire SolDaze Snacks and Lyfted Farms both which are already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue
  • TransCanna Holdings already has an established revenue stream -- one that could grow dramatically as the company expands.

    Not only that,
  • But it also gives the company exclusive access to a marketing wing to help move its product.
  • Instead of having to pay ad agencies huge fees to market its services, TransCanna Holdings can now tap its own in-house creative team.
  • This means the company will be able to brand and market its product cheaply compared to other cannabis companies -- saving big on marketing expenses.

And that’s not the only big asset TransCann has up its sleeve.

Over 90,000 Square Feet of Production Space Ready to Go

For cannabis companies,

production space is everything.

The more space you have, the more marijuana you can grow.

  • Aurora Cannabis, the second largest cannabis company by revenue, has about 700,000 square feet in production space. Canopy Growth Corp has even more.
  • The demand for marijuana is already in place.

    Not only that, it’s growing.
  • But only companies that have the production space necessary can really meet demand and make sales.
  • This is where TransCanna’s Modesto facility comes into play.
  • Early in 2019, TransCanna acquired 190,000 square feet of production space in Modesto California.
  • The facility was designed for agriculture, which means that it’s set up and ready to start moving product.
  • 190,000 square feet of grow space can produce hundreds of thousands of kilograms of cannabis a year.
  • With legal cannabis costing $10 a gram in California, the potential revenue could be well into the millions.

An Elite Management Team with Over 60 Years of Relevant Experience

One of TransCanna Holdings’ “aces in the hole” is its elite management team.

  • With over 60 years of combined experience, it includes experienced executives who have grown and taken countless companies public.
  • CFO Michele Pillon has 25 years of experience in the junior mining and exploration sector, providing accounting and regulatory assistance to public companies. 
  • CEO Steve Giblon is a former CEO of Silverbirch, who grew that company’s revenue from $280 million to $500 million.
  • Together, the team has over 60 years’ experience building and growing companies to hundreds of millions in revenue.
  • Now, they’re totally dedicated to getting TransCanna to the same milestone.
  • If their growth strategy succeeds, TransCanna could become one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world.
  • And early investors will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Reasons to Research TransCanna Holdings (TCNAF) Today


A wave of marijuana legalization is sweeping the world and creating billion dollar companies

Since the early '90s, additional countries have been legalizing cannabis every single year. Right now, there are 40 countries where medical cannabis is legal. In some, like Canada, even recreational marijuana use is allowed by law. This has created a massive expansion in the market for legal pot. So it’s no surprise that top cannabis stocks have rallied as much as 1,000% in just three years.


TransCanna is perfectly positioned in California -- one of the largest legalized cannabis markets in the world!

California is truly one of the world’s biggest markets for legal cannabis. In 2018, there were $3.7 billion in retail cannabis sales. By 2020, it’s expected to grow to $5.2 billion. California is easily one of the world’s biggest cannabis markets: not only is it a massive state with a huge population, but both medical and recreational pot are legal there. And TransCanna is right there on the ground floor in Modesto, ready to ship cannabis to major dispensaries right next store.


TransCanna's subsidiary is already generating great revenue!

TransCanna has been busy acquiring companies to build up its revenue base before production. One of its most recent acquisitions was Lyted Farms., a high end marijuana lifestyel brand based in California. The company is already bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue, so TransCanna will be making sales while increasing the scale of its marijuana grow site.


Other cannabis stocks are being bought out at premium prices, providing quick money for their investors.

The marijuana industry has been witness to a flurry of acquisitions that have made early investors wealthy. In 2018, about 35% of Canopy Growth Corp’s shares were purchased by the beverage giant Constellation Brands for over $5 billion. And that’s just the biggest among many acquisitions that have taken place in the marijuana sector over the past year. Many smaller, hundred million dollar acquisitions have closed, with early investors having been enriched after their shares were bought out at premium prices. Should the same thing happen to TransCanna, investors who bought at today’s prices will be rewarded handsomely.


The company already has 190,000 square feet of production space that’s ready to go!

Last but not least, there’s the fact that TransCanna already has enough production space to become a major cannabis distributor. 190,000 square feet puts the company within striking distance of big players like Canopy and Aurora. With that much space, TransCanna could grow and sell millions of dollars worth of pot every year. And as its sales grow, its investors will be the main beneficiaries.


Research Transcanna, This Year’s Hottest Small Cap Cannabis Stock

  • Right now, investors have the opportunity to get in on an upstart cannabis stock that’s already making waves.
  • TransCanna is a company that is perfectly positioned to supply cannabis to California -- one of the biggest legal pot markets in the world.
  • Located in Modesto, in the heart of ‘cannabis county’ California, the company is perfectly positioned to become a top pot supplier.

    Not only that,
  • But the company also has the ‘on-the-ground’ experience needed to ship cannabis product in California’s highly regulated market.

This is a market that the major foreign players are struggling to penetrate.

  • There is no market more lucrative than California for cannabis vendors -- who know what they’re doing, like TransCanna Holdings!
  • With a population of 39 million, California alone has 2 million more people than Canada!
  • And TransCanna has the combination of local expertise and logistics needed to corner this massive cannabis market.
  • Every year, more than $3.7 billion worth of legal cannabis is sold in the state of California.
  • And that’s rapidly projected to grow to $5.2 billion or more.
  • TransCanna Holdings is perfectly positioned to gobble up a dominant position in this massive market.
  • And early shareholders stand to reap all the rewards.
  • If you’re looking to get some marijuana magic into your portfolio, research TransCanna Holdings (stock symbol: TCNAF) today.

Possibly the best pure-play small cap cannabis stock of 2019.

TransCanna Holdings

(stock symbol: TCNAF)